Good Value: 

Provide us with the address of your home for a rough estimate in seconds. We will search nearly a dozen data points and compare those with the recent sales in your neighborhood to provide an idea of your home's true value.

Better Value:

Provide us with details regarding your home including recent updates to key area within your home. Based on these updates/upgrades and the money invested, we will update your homes REAL value. This value is based off the proprietary algorithms created by local Licensed Realtors, Appraisers and Investors. 

Your CASH offer:

In this step, we can provide you with a CASH offer for your home. By snapping photos of each room through our simplistic application, the details of your home and photographs of the rooms provided will be privately reviewed by a Certified Uprazer within 24 hours. You will then receive a notification of your CASH offer! At your option, you may choose to accept our offer to purchase your home or simply use the most accurate value of your home for informational purposes.


Upraze buys homes for Cash! This means we can generally close within about 1-2 weeks from the time you accept or offer. 



 No need to spend time cleaning and staging your home to be "show" ready! Guessing what projects to do can be aggravating and time consuming once you begin them. There is no need for any renovations to be done when selling your home to Upraze. 


Showing your home to prospective buyers is a hassle! You are generally coordinating showings to around the buyer's schedule which is a hassle and time consuming! In addition, you constantly have to live in a show-ready home in case a showing is scheduled. If you live in the home, this can be very stressful to some. When selling your home to Upraze, there will be no showings to prospective buyers!


No need to worry about having your home perfect for photos that will be posted online or for an Open House that may or may not bring a buyer. There is absolutely no marketing involved when selling your home to Upraze!


Since Upraze will purchase your home for cash there is no need for an appraisal. This saves time and gets you to the closing table faster!

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At Upraze, we have 1.3 million gigabytes of data* on nearly every home and homeowner in the U.S. For more than seven years, we've been working to make overwhelming data sets useful and actionable for home-owners. *That's the equivalent of 80,000 16GB iPhones. So if you want to get technical, we have more data than an entire college town. 

"Best decision we ever made! Upraze made it possible for us to sell our home so that we could buy our dream home. Their team was fantastic and very knowledgeable. We received a fair market offer on our home from Upraze. I would highly recommend this company and their services."


"Upraze was the perfect vehicle for me to sell my home. The process was seamless and eliminated the inconvenience of having to prepare my home for showings, especially in these uncertain times. using Upraze further allowed me to avoid the monthly carrying costs and maintenance associated with home ownership while waiting for my home to sell. Upon showing interest in Upraze I was provided with a net sheet outlining the money I'd receive from Upraze and another outlining the money I'd receive selling my home in the traditional manner. The timeline I was paid CASH for my home was approximately 10 days as opposed to the 45-60 days I'd have to wait for a prospective buyer to make an offer, obtain a mortgage, get an inspection and finally close. I literally took the Upraze CASH offer, packed my belongings and moved to my new home. It was simply that easy. I highly recommend Upraze to anyone who wants to avoid the "ups and downs" of selling a home. If you're interested in making a normally stressful home selling process simple, call Upraze."

- S. Mitchell

"I worked with Kelly Justice on the Upraze Team and she was very professional and competent. It was a pleasure working with her. I look forward to working with Upraze in the future. Highly recommended."

-D. Phillips


5 Bedrooms

3.2 Bathrooms

3,200 Square Feet


4 Bedrooms

2.1 Bathrooms

1,155 Square Feet


3 Bedrooms

1.1 Bathrooms

1,362 Square Feet

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Upraze's estimated market value is computed using a proprietary formula developed by top Real Estate Agents, Appraisers and Investors from around the U.S. and is not an actual appraisal completed by a state licensed appraiser. Some screens simulated; sequences shortened. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.